CPES 2022
11th Symposium on Control of Power and Energy Systems
 IFAC · International Federation of Automatic Control
 June 21-23, 2022

Application Guidelines

Full draft papers prepared in accordance with IFAC-POL guidelines should be submitted before December 5, 2021. The fullest information can be found on the official IFAC website.

Paper Submission

Full draft papers (max. 6 pages and 1 MB file size, in Word and PDF format complying with IFAC-PapersOnLine guidelines) relating to one or more of the topics are encouraged. Draft papers on-line submission deadline is Sunday, January 9, 2022. All contributions must be in their final form according to IFAC style. Please refer to the following site: 


Proceedings of IFAC meetings are published online in the IFAC-PapersOnLine series, hosted on the Elsevier ScienceDirect service, which provides open access to the full text of all reviewed papers presented at IFAC events. 

All papers submitted to IFAC technical meetings must be in English and must comply with the IFAC paper layout. The material submitted for presentation at IFAC meetings must be original, not published or being considered for publication elsewhere. Full responsibility for the paper rests with the author, who must have taken the necessary steps to obtain permission to use any material that might be protected by copyright. 

The PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System is used by IFAC to manage paper submissions to all IFAC events.

To submit your papers, proposals, and other conributions, please use this link  and then choose CPES 2022 item in the list of events.

Invited Sessions and Open Invited Tracks

When submitting papers to Invited Session or to Open Invited Tracks, please use the following codes:

Invited Sessions:

  1. Code d27sa, Flexibility Technologies to Penetrate High Renewable Energy in Power systems

Open Invited Tracks:

  1. Code na927, Optimal Design, Scheduling and Control of Integrated Energy Systems
  2. Code 38gkw, Dynamic Modelling, Optimization and Control of Thermal Power Generation Unit
  3. Code 4p7rv, Digital Twins and Energy Systems
  4. Code 7366r, Intelligent Energy Management Systems
  5. Code 12u27, Intelligent Energy Systems
  6. Code 6f3jm, Artificial Intelligence in Energy Systems
  7. Code 9k8hr, Modern Heuristics-Based Robust Optimization for Power System Operation and Planning
  8. Code k1j3c, EV Charging Infra Structure
  9. Code yn66a, Advanced control of nuclear power plants with heat extraction for District Heating Systems, as an element increasing the flexibility of power plants and the stability of power system
  10. Code bu7j4, Risk assessment and Security provisions in smart energy systems
  11. Code 4tah8, Optimal operation and control in smart grids 

Topics include (but not limited to)

Copyright conditions

All publication material submitted for presentation at an IFAC-sponsored meeting (Congress, Symposium, Conference, Workshop) must be original and hence cannot be already published, nor can it be under review elsewhere. The authors take responsibility for the material that has been submitted. IFAC-sponsored conferences will abide by the highest standard of ethical behavior in the review process as explained on the Elsevier webpage, and the authors will abide by the IFAC publication ethics guidelines.

Accepted papers that have been presented at an IFAC meeting will be published in the proceedings of the event using the open-access IFAC-PapersOnLine series hosted on ScienceDirect. To this end, the author(s) must grant exclusive publishing rights to IFAC under a Creative Commons license when they submit the final version of the paper. The copyright belongs to the authors, who have the right to share the paper in the same terms allowed by the end user license, and retain all patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including research data).

IFAC · International Federation of Automatic Control

June 21-23, 2022

(postponed from June 22-24, 2021)


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